Pie Contest 2018!

Hello everyone! Tuesday Treats has begun it’s very first Pie Contest! All year long is the perfect time to eat pie, but Spring is even better!

How it Works:

Tuesday Treats is asking all of you to submit to the pie contest. All you need to do is come up with the best pie idea and share it with us. We will pick 2 winners. Tuesday Treats will make the winning ideas and post the recipes on our website with the names of the winners. We will accept pie ideas/recipes until April 28.

Tips for Winning:

  • Make something creative!
  • Use bold flavors!
  • Maybe use an old family recipe!
  • Have fun!

1 Rule:

  1. You may not copy someone else’s personal recipe.

How to Submit:

  1. Create a pie idea.
  2. Send it to us in comments or on the contact page.
  3. Make sure to add your name and how you thought of your pie idea.
  4. Don’t forget to name your wonderful pie creation.

Hurry up and submit your pie recipes! We’re accepting ideas between April 7-28. On April 29th we’ll announce winners and make the pies.

-Tuesday Treats

Fill out the form below to enter your pie ideas!


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