Hi there!

I’m Gillian! Welcome to Tuesday Treats.

Being originally from Denver, CO,  I’ve been constantly surrounded by food for my whole life and lots of inspirations. 6th grade is finally when I put it to work!

Growing up, my Grandma(s) and I would always bake something whenever we were together. That being occasional, since they live in Florida, Illinois, and Colorado. Even though I may not remember some of the first recipes we made, being with them and learning was the best!

Lots of my family has contributed to inspiring this website and all the recipes on it. Back when I was around 4, my Aunt Tracy and I would use her KitchenAid mixer to bake, soon, she bought me some foldadble measuring cups, which I do still have. 🙂 A couple years later and my other Grandma, Margaret, bought me my first knife set! Then came baking pans from Grandma Tracey; afterward was a piping set from Barb. Soon I started collecting all the bakeware I needed, it was just time to put it to the test.

It was May of 2016, just after my mom has introduced me to WordPress. I had been baking here and there, so I decided “I’m going to make a website!” Not long after did I really start getting into it and baking almost every other weekend. Ever since, the blog has continued to grow and get better.

Each year I try to make fun recipes with cool ideas, which is where my “Monthly Contest” came in. I wanted to make my website like other people but with fun twists, which is why I created the “Monthly Contest.” After that, everything got better!

This website wouldn’t be here without all of you and your fun ideas! Thank you so much for all the support and inspiration.

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Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy the website!