December Contest

This year flew by and I don’t know about you but holiday desserts may be one of my favorite things. All the festive flavors like peppermint, cranberry, gingerbread… just make baking season 10x better. Bonus, there is nothing better than giving an edible gift during the holidays. (Pssst, that’s you. If you can’t find a gift for someone make them an edible gift 😁) Oh right, you’re here to find out what the monthly contest is. *drumroll* It’s gingerbread! I kept debating between a few flavors for this month but just kept coming back to gingerbread, and of course, that fits for the season. If you’re new here, here’s how it works


  1. Make a dessert based on the monthly flavor we pick!
  2. Take a picture of your final dessert and post on your social networks and tag @tuesday.treats or send to us below.
  3. At the end of the month, we’ll randomly select 1 lucky person to be the winner and we’ll post their recipe on the blog! The winner will also get 25% off any catering good. 

To submit, fill in the contact sheet here or post your recipe on Instagram and use hashtag #ttmonthlycontest and tag @tuesday.treats

Happy baking!

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