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2021 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Photographers

If you know a photographer in your life, most likely they’re getting the job done, but do they have all the tools they need? Some gifts are funny and some are quite useful! Here is a list of 12 of my favorite photography tools ranging from different prices, but overall a little on the expensive side.

1. Canon EOS 6D Mark II with 105mm lens included – That might sound like a lot of words to you, but this canon camera is extremely nice. Super high quality, very durable, connects to your phone… It is cute expensive, but for the real deal it’s a steal.

2. Selfie Ring Light – Lately the ring lights are all the rage, especially for filming TikToks, but they can be super helpful for personal videos, influencers…

3. Camera Lens Coffee Cup – Your photographer friend might think you have gifted them a lens until they give it a closer look. It’s actually a coffee cup! This is perfect for any photo lover who also loves coffee or tea.

4. Phone Lens Attachment – If the photographer you love doesn’t want to deal with all the gear and goodies, this phone lens does a great job too for a quarter of the price. It’s easy to carry and pack with you.

5. Arkon Phone Mount – This phone mount is similar to a tripod, but you put your phone inside instead. It’s super helpful for filming Reels, TikToks, videos, and more.

6. Camera Tripod – To take fully still shots or include pictures with your hands, you need one of these tripods. This one can extend to almost 6 ft and is very durable! Take any handsfree photos with this.

7. Foodtography School – This is an online course for anyone to take to level up their photo skills. There are tons of tips, videos, even homework so you can become a better photographer. They offer many different courses but the average one is the best. Take it at your own pace and become a better photo taker!

8. Small Camera Bag – This camera bag is small enough so it’s not bulky, while still able to hold all your lenses, camera, wipes…etc. It makes it much safer and easier to travel with too!

9. 50 mm camera lens – This lens is a must! It’s a basic lens for almost any kind of photo. It’s not a macro lens, but it very versatile and can be used almost all the time.

10. Instax Portable Printer – This little printer can connect to your phone any time and print the photos you take from there into real life within minutes. It’s very similar to a polaroid, but it connects to your phone instead.

11. Replica Surfaces Backdrops – Any good photos usually have some sort of backdrops behind them. Replica Surfaces is a small company that makes their own that are super helpful and stylish for any kind of photos. They have all sorts of designs and you can even bundle to get more.

12. Marble Pastry Slab – In case your photo taker is a food photographer, this marble slab can come in handy for making goodies, but also adding an extra prop in for your photos.

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