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2021 Holiday Gift Guide: For Your BFF

Not everyone in your life is probably a foodie, but what about your BFF?? We all need a little self care and love these days. Here are my top picks for the best BFF gifts. Some can be stocking stuffers while others can be a little nicer.

1. Twistable Hair Ties – These hair ties aren’t the typical ones that will get caught, break… These are stretchy, reusable, cute, and functional.

2. Fun Glassware – If you’ve ever been to Anthropologie, you know all the wonderful things they have to offer, especially their glassware and kitchen products. I picked out some colored ones, but they have a large assortment. Clink some drinks with your BFF!

3. Cozy Platform Ugg Slippers – Platform shoes are really coming back into style and these cosy Uggs are adorable, comfortable, and a great Christmas gift. In fact, my BFF Sophia has these on her list so I’m thinking about buying them soon!

4. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Bluetooth Speaker – If you’re on a picnic with your friends or want to jame solo, you need one of these bluetooth speakers. They sound great, are waterproof, easy to travel with, and last forever.

5. Shacket – If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a sherpa and a jacket. Cozy and warm, but not too thick and bulky like a normal jacket. I picked out a soft one from Nordstrom, but you can find these anywhere these days. I recently got my own from Walmart. They have them in a variety of colors and are perfect for your BFF.

6. Polaroid – Capture those fun moments on film with a portable polaroid. Snap a picture and it prints right away!

7. Madewell Stylish Sneakers – These comfy sneakers are oober comfortable, cute, and the perfect day-to-day shoe we all need. These are on my list!

8. Mini Keurig Coffee Machine – If your BFF is living in a dorm, apartment, or just loves small things, they need one of these mini coffee machines. Perfect for a single use and not hard to manage.

9. Capri Blue Volcano Hand Cream – Along with all the goodies Anthropologie has to offer, their lotions smell unbelievable and are extra lubricated so your hand won’t dry up as the day goes on. They also have a matching candle if you want your house to smell like it too!

10. Gua Sha (gw-uh sh-ah) – A Gua Sha is a small stone massager for your face. You can massage your jaw and cheek bone to relax the muscles. This is a great beauty product gift that’s also very inexpensive.

11. Mini Projector – Love camping? Watching movies? This mini projector is a must for on the go travel or just relaxing in your room if you don’t have room for a tv.

12. Skims Loungewear – I haven’t tried it for myself, but I’ve heard so many good things about the skims loungewear and it looks incredibly comfortable so what’s not to love. They have matching pj sets, robes, loungewear…

13. Nicholas Sparks Two by Two – Nicholas sparks is an amazing author, but I picked out Two by Two because it was an amazing story. If your BFF is a big reader, add this to the must read list asap.

14. Fuzzy Sherpa Blankets – So you’ve got the cozy slippers, projector, drinks, snacks, but you need blankets! These sherpa blankets are so so soft and have many different colors.

15. Square Hoop Earrings – Add a little bling to your life with these stylish hoop earrings, but unique. They’re squares with a little bling on the outside but still plain enough so they go with everything.

16. Carhartt Beanie – I love my Carhartt Beanie and wear it every time it gets cold. It’s long enough to keep my ears warm, but also cute to spice up my style. Grab one here, along with other colors.

17. Mini Air Hockey Board Game – Urban Outfitters has a large selection of fun mini board games that I love. In the past I’ve bought a mini ping pong and this air hockey might be next. They’re not bulky, super fun, and relatively inexpensive.

18. Anthropologie Candle – Along with everything else they have to offer, Anthropologie is known for their amazing scented candles. A lot of them come in different shapes and tons of different scents. I picked out this one for the popular scent and pretty jar.

19. Face Mask Maker – I love a good at home facial day and this mask maker is the perfect gift for any beauty guru. You plop in some scents and tablets and the machine pours out a mask, you let it sit, and then onto your face it goes.

20. Stanley Adventure Tumbler – Encourage your BFF to drink more eater with a traveling tumbler. These are super convenient compared to a water bottle because of the handle, straw, and ability to stay hot or cold for longer.

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