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2021 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Foodie in Your Life

It’s that time of the year again for holiday gift guides and this time I’ve got more than one headed your way. Gifts for all kinds of people! This ones for all my foodies out there– bakers, cooks, restaurant lovers… I almost sound like I’m dropping a beat and dedicating it to someone. Ok, anyway… These are my favorites gifts for all the foodies. Look for them now so you can find the best deal!

  1. Rodelle Vanilla Extract – To make quality dishes, you need quality ingredients. This Rodelle vanilla extract is local to Colorado and has amazing flavor. I picked out their vanilla extract, but they have many other products too.

2. Cutlery – It’s always nice to have a good set of silverware that will last you forever. This brushed silverware set is sleek and modern, while also still functional. Personally I love the dark color, but there are 8 other colors to choose from too.

3. Multi-purpose Toaster Oven – Recently we had to purchase a new toaster oven because our old one broke down and let me tell you, this thing can do everything. Toast, bake, air fry, roast…etc. It does an efficient job and it’s not super pricy.

4. Hand Juicer – Pulling out a bulky juicer can be a pain. These easy hand juicers still get all the juice and are easy to store. I use ours all the time for juicing limes and lemons. Don’t worry, they are easy to rinse and clean, with nothing to take apart.

5. Custom Pet Cutting Board – If you’re looking for something more unique and cute for the foodie in your life, these custom pet cutting boards are adorable and useful! Add cheese and meat to them, dessert, hors d’oeuvres…

6. Book on Pie Cookbook – I’ve recently started following Erin McDowell on Instagram and she is the literal pie guru. She has all the tips and tricks to making exceptional pies, which around this time can be very useful. Grab her book now!

7. KitchenAid Stand Mixer – A lot of bakers and cooks I know have invested in one of these bad boys and they are so helpful when it comes to baking. You can mix anything in here or make dough with the dough hook attachment. They are a bit of an investment, but they last forever, are functional, and can look cute on your counter too.

8. Nutribullet – You might be wondering what this is, but let me tell you, it’s the next best thing next to a ninja blender. The nutribullet is a mini blender that you can make anything in: smoothies, sauce, dip… It’s super compact and can be stored anywhere.

9. Outdoor Pizza Oven – If you’re tired of ordering lukewarm pizza or making the store-bought in your toaster oven, it’s time to level up your pizza game. This pizza oven is a reasonable size so it can be stored outside, cooks them nice and crispy, and adds that extra charcoal flavor which the oven can’t do.

10. Levain Cookie Assortment – If you haven’t heard of Levain bakery before it’s a cookie company based in New York City. They’re cookies are huge, thick, and super yummy. The best part? They ship! You can get a different assortment shipped to your favorite foodie.

11. Waffle Iron – Level up your breakfast game with a dual waffle iron. It flips around to have two sides and it’s easy to take them out.

12. Le Creuset Tea Kettle – We recently invested in on e of these tea kettles because our old one kept getting rusty and brown on side the sides (Any word on this IKEA? haha) so we got a very nice one. This tea kettle is the perfect size, shiny and pretty to compliment your kitchen, and gets the job done.

13. Cocktail Craft Set – If a foodie you know loves their cocktails and always acts like a bartender at the party, get them this cocktail craft set. All the tools they need to create their wonderful drinks.

14. Cake Stand – After you’ve made an epic cake, you don’t want it to spoil. Cover it with a cake stand so everyone can see your masterpiece, while also preventing it from becoming stale and gross.

15. Savory Spice Shop Spices – I picked out their cinnamon to highlight for this, but all of the spices from this place are amazing. So far, I’ve tried the Saigon Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean Sugar, and Chai Spices. They have a big assortment, and are also locally based in Colorado. Grab some now!

16. Knife Set – Knives can be kind of overlooked, but having a good sturdy set will make you look like a good chef 😁 and hopefully cook like one. No but really, having good knives are easier to cook with and they last a long time.

17. Quality Baking Sheet – I’ve been cooking large batches of cookies for a while now and after that, I know having some nice cookie sheets are a must. They have to be durable so they don’t bend in the oven and large enough so I can make plenty at once. Grab a dual pack here.

18. Quality Cutting Board – Again, if you’re gonna have a nice life collection, you probably need a cutting board. Having one nice one can come in handy when you’re cutting meats, veggies, and more.

19. Color-Changing Popcorn Popper – If you’re like my mom and don’t have a microwave, then you might be wondering how you’re gonna watch movies and eat popcorn this Friday night. This color-changing popcorn popper is not only cool as hell, but gets the job done just like the movie theater without being too big and clunky.

20. Tablet Holder – Forget printing out all your recipes or trying to position your phone again a bottle so it stands up for you to read. This unique wooden tablet holder can position your phone, tablet, or papers so they can be easily read right as you make all your goodies.

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