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Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July everyone, even though it is a bit late. This 4th of July we decided to make an Independence Day cake! We may have splurged a bit on the homemade skills such as the frosting and the cake mix, ok well maybe the whole thing… but it still turned out great! 🙂

P.S. – This cake has several layers, and in order to do this we had to trim the layers of cake which can possibly make quite a bit of leftover cake pieces. In the ingredients we did not list the items such as eggs, oil and so on that are on the back of the cake mix boxes.


  • 3 boxes of Red Velvet Cake Mix
  • 2 boxes of White Cake Mix
  • 4 containers of vanilla frosting
  • A small bag of tiny marshmallows



  1. We started making the Red Velvet Cake Mix #1 and White Cake Mix #1. We just used the instructions and ingredients that were on the back of the box. Pour in your Red Velvet batter #1 into a cake pan once completed. There is a special process for White Cake Mix #1.
  2. White Cake Mix #1 Special Process: Make the cake mix like usual until it is all completed. Then pour half of it into a separate bowl. Once poured dye it with blue food coloring, then set aside. Pour the actual white cake mix into a cake pan and bake with the Red Velvet #1. Bake for about 30 minutes. The baking times are also located on the back of the box.
  3. Then once baked take them out and pop out of pan to let cool.
  4. Then start making Red Velvet Cake Mix #2 and White Cake Mix #2. There is no special process for any of these anymore. Then take out of pan to let cool once finished. Then finally make your last Red Velvet Cake Mix #3 and pour that into a cake pan, and also pour in your Blue White Cake Mix you made earlier into a separate pan.
  5. Once all the cake mixes are complete let them cool and get ready for assembling them. You might need to trim the tops to make them even.


  1. First put down your Red Velvet Cake Mix #1. We chose to pipe the frosting, but you can do it any way that you would like. Then pipe some frosting over Red Velvet Cake Mix #1. Then put down White Cake Mix #1 over Red Velvet Cake Mix #1. Then more frosting. Then Red Velvet Cake Mix #2. More frosting.
  2. Now you have to cut your blue cake layer into a ring, so cut out a circle in the middle. Then place that over Red Velvet Cake Mix #2. Then cut out a circle of the White Cake Mix #2 and put that in the hole of the blue ring. Then do the same with Red Velvet Cake Mix #3 but place it over the White Cake Mix #2.

Frosting & Decorating

  1. We chose to pipe the frosting, and we used a special nozzle that you can get in kits and things. We still had 2 1/2 containers of frosting left, so we dyed one blue and the other red and then just left the 1/2 to be white. We frosted the top with blue and the sides with a red stripe, a white stripe, and another red stripe.
  2. We smoothed the edge of cake so the stripes were a bit blended. Then we used a toothpick making vertical stripes going around the cake.
  3. Then we used the small marshmallows around the top edge of the cake and then placed some on the top to look like stars.

If the Frosting/Decorating instructions are confusing, you can use the picture to show you how it turned out.

FullSizeRender-2      FullSizeRender-3

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