Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Tuesday Treats wishes you a happy Christmas with all of your family for the holidays.

We know everyone is busy around the holidays buying gifts, making food, and cleaning the house. There’s never a moment to rest with a nice soda pop or snack to watch your favorite movie or the Hallmark channel. Aren’t the holidays meant for family and friends?

People never have enough time to make the turkey or bake the cake, that’s why Tuesday Treats is spending time with family this holiday season. Sometimes we all just need to drink some cocoa and watch Elf, so instead of rushing to finish all the desserts, watch a movie with your family or text a Bitmoji to one of your friends and enjoy the small things in life!

When you get snacky or thirsty from having to open all those presents, check out our 12 Days of Christmas (more like 5 days of Christmas, because the holidays are meant for fun) desserts and snacks. 🙂 We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a good end to the year!

Happy Holidays!

– Tuesday Treats

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